Bret06 - Datapack Utilities

Welcome to Bret's Datapack Utilities! Hopefully these downloads and tools help to improve, if not change your entire data/resourcepack development experience.

Lunar Eclipse Studios

Want some extra Minecraft content to enhance your gameplay? Check out my studio!


Just some fun things for you to play with in your free time!

MCD Windows Cursor
Bret's Desktop Themes
Starlight SkinAPI
Lunar Eclipse Studios
From The Fog
Lunar Eclipse Studios

Datapack Utilities

Here are some free datapack tools I use myself that will definitely improve your data/resourcepack making experience!

Datapack GeneratorMisode
Color TemplateBret06
Dummy TemplateBret06
Datapack TemplateBret06
Resourcepack TemplateBret06
Fancy Pants Ancientkingg

Meet Bret06

Hey there! I'm Bret Holloway, a -year-old born and raised in a small town in the beautiful state of Georgia. My journey in the tech world began at just 8 years old, fueled by an insatiable curiosity.

Through the years, I've stumbled upon a range of creative outlets. From crafting Minecraft resource packs and datapacks to dabbling in full-stack web development and graphic design, each step has been a humbling learning experience.

My girlfriend AstraPlays and I founded a Minecraft development team called Lunar Eclipse Studios, a modest space where I get to nurture my ideas with the help of my awesome team. You might have come across a Minecraft mod I created called "From The Fog." It's been an amazing adventure so far, and I can't wait to see where this path of curiosity and creativity leads next.